Warehouse/inventory Management

Parts Database

Searchable, instantly accessible across your company, consistent, clean and trustworthy library of parts information.

Parts data: library of your parts information
Linked & Local Parts
Part substitutes (with automated suggestions)
Database import service

Inventory Management

Intuitive inventory management permitting to oversee physical storage location of parts as well as current stock levels. Single click access to information on what you have, where your parts are, and what you can build. Full visibility of your parts count, last access date, as well as total purchase value of each storage location.

Assistance in building storage structure (automated creation of rows, grids, or 3D grids of storage locations)
Multiple storage locations with:
single-part-only option
mark as full option
limit to existing parts only option
Easy and intuitive stock addition, stock removal and transferring of stock between locations
Smooth and convenient use:
manual stock removal and addition
builds with automatic removal of stock for all necessary parts & adding completed assemblies your inventory
Available stock levels per location and optionally per lot
Detailed information on ordered stock
Low stock report: individually configurable low stock levels & warnings
Stock history report: historical purchase data and part value, as well as access history per part and location
Inventory value report

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

BOM Management

Automated matching of MPNs against the part database
BOM can contain parts entries and non-part entries for services, labor, PCBs, packaging, etc.
Automated merging of duplicate BOM entries

Build Planning

Calculation of how many parts are needed to build a given quantity of a Project/BOM
Alternate parts management (part substitutes and Meta-parts)
Part sourcing rules ('only use local stock', 'use local stock then buy if needed', or 'only buy')

Build management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Optional addition of external offers
Personalised vendor rules
Preferred vendor selection
Purchase List generation
Order tracking (status, delivery date, invoice number)

General Features

Other application-wide PartsBox features that will make your work easier.

Available in multiple languages
Unlimited data export
Unlimited storage
Unlimited number of items
Multiple databases
Configurable tables
Tags for parts, storage locations, builds, orders and lots
Auto-tags generated automatically based on part specifications
NIST SP 800-63B AAL1 security rules
Nexar/Octopart (unlimited number of queries)

Control your inventory, ordering and production

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