Barcode Scanning in PartsBox

PartsBox supports barcode scanning to efficiently process incoming shipments of electronic components and add them to your inventory. By scanning barcodes, you can quickly create new parts in your database or add stock to existing ones, streamlining the inventory management process.

Supported Scanning Methods

  1. In-Browser Scanning: PartsBox allows you to scan barcodes directly within the browser using your computer's camera. This feature provides a convenient way to scan barcodes without requiring additional hardware. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to use a camera with autofocus capabilities, as low-end cameras may struggle to focus on the barcodes properly.
  2. External USB Scanners: PartsBox is compatible with most USB barcode scanners that generate keystrokes. These scanners offer a dedicated and reliable scanning solution. One recommended option is the Zebra LS2208, an affordable and dependable 1D scanner.

Supported Barcode Types

PartsBox supports the following barcode types:

  1. 2D Barcodes:
    • DataMatrix, used by DigiKey and Wuerth Elektronik
    • PDF417 (containing ANSI MH10.8.2 data encoded using ISO/IEC 15434:2006)
  2. 1D Barcodes:
    • Barcodes from major distributors like DigiKey, Mouser, Farnell, and RS Components that encode the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  3. ID Anything™ QR Codes:
    • QR codes generated by PartsBox for unique identification of parts, lots, storage locations, projects, builds, and orders

Scanning Workflow

When you scan a barcode from a distributor label on a package, PartsBox automatically searches for the corresponding part in your database. If the part is found, the "Add Stock" dialog will appear, prefilled with information from the label (if available). If the part doesn't exist in your database, you will be prompted to choose from matching online parts. Once the part is created, the "Add Stock" dialog will be presented.

If the scanned barcode includes quantity information, it will be automatically prefilled in the "Add Stock" dialog, further simplifying the process.

Configuring 2D Scanners

To scan 2D barcodes using an external scanner, you need a scanner capable of reading 2D barcodes, such as the Zebra DS2208. Additionally, you must configure the scanner to replace special non-printable characters with ASCII sequences to ensure compatibility with the browser-based application. Refer to the User's Guide for instructions on configuring the Zebra DS2208 scanner using a special configuration code.

  1. Built-in Scanner: PartsBox includes a built-in scanner that utilizes your computer's camera, providing a readily accessible scanning option.
  2. Zebra DS2208: For dedicated hardware scanning, PartsBox recommends the Zebra DS2208, a versatile 2D scanner. As more distributors adopt 2D barcodes for their increased information capacity, a 2D scanner becomes a valuable investment. The Zebra DS2208 can also decode 1D barcodes, making it a comprehensive scanning solution.
  3. Barcode to PC App: Barcode to PC is a third-party solution that consists of software installed on your PC and a mobile app for scanning. While it currently has limitations with DataMatrix codes, future updates may address this issue.

By leveraging barcode scanning capabilities, PartsBox significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of managing your electronic parts inventory, from receiving shipments to organizing and tracking components.

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