ID Anything™

To help you keep track of physical items, PartsBox assigns a unique ID code to every item. This ID gets embedded in a 2D barcode (QR code), which can be printed on a label and attached to anything.

When you scan the code, PartsBox will identify (ID) what it represents (Anything!) and take you directly to its information page. The code is designed to be universal: you can scan it from within PartsBox using the scanning interface, or use any mobile phone or tablet.

Things that have ID Anything™ codes:

  • Parts
  • Part lots (in plans with lot control)
  • Storage locations
  • Builds
  • Orders

With ID Anything™, getting information about things is easy. Anyone within the company can scan a code using a phone, and get immediate access to information.

ID Anything™ is particularly useful when lot control is being used. A single barcode placed on a package containing parts lets you identify the lot and get information about where it came from and what was built using parts from this lot. Scanning a build code placed on a completed device shows full build information along with specific part lots that were used for this particular build.

There are many practical ID Anything™ usage scenarios:

  • print labels with ID Anything™ barcodes to label your part packages, storage locations and devices
  • quickly get information about a lot that you have on hand
  • identify a specific build of a manufactured device and see when it was built and which parts were used
  • display a code on your computer and scan it on your phone/table to quickly open the same information there

Shorter 8-character versions of ID Anything™ codes can be used instead of naming things manually. As an example, PartsBox does not require names for part lots: if a name is not assigned, a short ID will be used.

ID Anything™ is available in all commercial plans. To see the information behind an ID Anything™ URL, you need to log in and have the required access rights.

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