ID Anything™: Universal Identification for Efficient Inventory Management

PartsBox introduces ID Anything™, a powerful feature that assigns a unique identification code to every item in your inventory. This code is embedded in a QR code, which can be printed on a label and attached to the corresponding item. By scanning the code, you can instantly access the item's information page within PartsBox, streamlining your inventory management process.

Universal Compatibility

ID Anything™ codes are designed to be universally compatible. You can scan them using the built-in scanning interface within PartsBox or any mobile phone or tablet equipped with a QR code scanner. This flexibility allows anyone in your organization to quickly access item information without the need for specialized equipment.

Comprehensive Item Coverage

ID Anything™ codes can be assigned to various items in your inventory, including:

  • Parts: Individual components such as resistors, capacitors, and ICs.
  • Part Lots: Batches of parts tracked using lot control (available in specific plans).
  • Storage Locations: Physical locations where parts and items are stored.
  • Builds: Completed assemblies or products.
  • Orders: Purchase orders for parts and components.

By assigning ID Anything™ codes to these items, you can easily track and manage your inventory, ensuring accurate information is always at your fingertips.

Lot Control and Traceability

ID Anything™ is particularly beneficial when using lot control. By placing a single barcode on a package containing parts, you can identify the specific lot and access detailed information about its origin and the builds it was used in. This traceability is crucial for quality control and troubleshooting purposes.

Similarly, scanning the ID Anything™ code on a completed device provides comprehensive build information, including the specific part lots used in that particular build. This level of granularity enables you to track and trace individual components throughout the production process.

Practical Usage Scenarios

ID Anything™ offers numerous practical applications to enhance your inventory management workflow:

  1. Labeling: Print labels with ID Anything™ barcodes and attach them to part packages, storage locations, and finished devices for easy identification.
  2. Lot Information: Quickly retrieve information about a specific lot by scanning its ID Anything™ code.
  3. Build Identification: Identify a specific build of a manufactured device and access detailed information about its construction and component usage.
  4. Cross-Device Synchronization: Display an ID Anything™ code on your computer screen and scan it with your mobile device to seamlessly access the same information on the go.

Simplified Naming Conventions

In addition to the full-length ID Anything™ codes, PartsBox offers shorter 8-character versions that can be used as an alternative to manual naming. For example, part lots can be automatically assigned a short ID if a custom name is not provided. This simplifies the naming process and ensures consistent identification across your inventory.

Availability and Access Control

ID Anything™ is available in all commercial plans of PartsBox. To view the information associated with an ID Anything™ code, users must be logged in and have the necessary access rights. This ensures that sensitive inventory data remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.

By leveraging ID Anything™, you can streamline your inventory management process and improve traceability. Embrace the power of universal identification and take your inventory control to the next level with PartsBox.

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