Attaching Documents in PartsBox

The Challenge of Organizing Documentation

Organizing documentation related to electronic components can be a daunting task. A typical collection of datasheets, application notes, and other technical information can easily reach thousands of documents. Most engineers and organizations resort to storing these files on their computers or file servers, using a directory hierarchy. While this approach is common, it has several drawbacks:

  1. Significant time is spent on organizing the files: creating directories, sorting files, moving them around, and dealing with duplicates.
  2. Retrieving documents can be difficult and time-consuming, as one has to navigate through the directory hierarchy to find the desired files.
  3. Sharing and collaborating on the documentation is not straightforward, as files are scattered across different systems and directories.

PartsBox's Solution: Attachments

PartsBox addresses these challenges by providing a powerful and intuitive attachment system. With PartsBox, you can attach documents directly to parts, lots, projects, orders, and storage locations. This keeps all the relevant information together in a single, shared database that is always up to date and accessible to everyone within the company.

Attaching Files Made Easy

Attaching files in PartsBox is a breeze. Simply drag and drop your documents into the "Attachments" section, and they will be automatically uploaded and stored securely on PartsBox servers. Commonly used file types include:

  • Datasheets and application notes (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, etc.)
  • Images and photos (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.)
  • CAD drawings and 3D CAD models (DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, etc.)
  • Other documents such as invoices, test reports, and quality control (QMS) documentation

Benefits of Using PartsBox Attachments

  1. Centralized Storage: All your component-related documentation is stored in a single, centralized location, making it easy to find and access the information you need.
  2. Context-Specific Organization: By attaching files directly to parts, lots, projects, orders, and storage locations, you keep the documentation in context, making it more relevant and easier to find.
  3. Collaboration and Sharing: PartsBox's attachment system enables seamless collaboration and sharing of documentation within your organization. Everyone has access to the most up-to-date files, eliminating the need for manual file sharing and reducing the risk of using outdated information.
  4. Secure and Reliable: Your attached files are stored securely on PartsBox servers, ensuring data integrity and protecting your valuable documentation.
  5. Time-Saving: With PartsBox attachments, you spend less time organizing and searching for files, and more time focusing on your core engineering tasks.

Streamline Your Documentation Management with PartsBox

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing scattered documentation for your electronic components. Embrace the power and simplicity of PartsBox's attachment system to keep your datasheets, application notes, and other important files organized, accessible, and always in sync with your parts, lots, projects, orders, and storage locations.

Experience the benefits of centralized storage, context-specific organization, seamless collaboration, and secure file management. Start using PartsBox today and take control of your electronic component documentation like never before.

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