Attach Documents to Parts

Organizing documentation related to electronic parts is always a problem. A collection of datasheets and other information can easily reach thousands of documents. Most people resort to storing them on their computers or file servers, in a directory hierarchy. This means that a lot of time is spent organizing: creating directories, sorting files, moving them around, and often results in duplicates. Retrieving documents is not easy, either — one has to follow the directory hierarchy to find them.

PartsBox is designed for keeping track of electronic parts, but also allows keeping documents together with parts. Just drag&drop your documents into the "Attachments" section, and they will be uploaded and stored on PartsBox servers.

After uploading, finding documents is instantaneous: just use the Search field, just like for parts. The documents are instantly accessible in the part info screen.

This is useful for datasheets and application notes, but also for other types of files: images, photos, CAD drawings, or 3D CAD models (STEP/IGES). All these files can be kept together with part data, in a single shared database, that is always up to date and can be accessed by anyone within the company.

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