Multiple Users

When working with electronic parts, it is often useful to have a shared database, that is accessible by several people. These could be either company employees (design engineers and lab/production engineers), or they could be from different companies (such as a contract manufacturer and a design company).

All commercial plans include multi-user access. Every user that is logged in gets instant updates to anything that happens in the database. So, if a parts list is open, new parts will appear as they are added. If stock is removed, numbers will change. If a report is open, the report will change (live) as the data changes. No reloading or refreshing is required.

Every lab/workshop and company plan includes one organization (database). That organization by default has a single admin user, but more users can be added, according to plan limits. Any user that has an account on PartsBox can be added to an organization, with rights that can be:

  • Read-only: can access data, but cannot change anything.
  • Read/Write: can both access and modify data.
  • Admin: can read/write and add/remove other users, as well as change billing information.

There are many ways in which multi-user database sharing can be used. Here are several ideas, based on how PartsBox customers use the feature:

  • Design companies: sharing between several design engineers
  • Design companies: sharing between design and lab/production or procurement
  • Design companies: sharing between a design company and a contract manufacturer (CM)
  • Contract manufacturers (CMs): sharing data on customer parts with the customers (designers)
  • Hacker/Makerspaces: sharing a common parts database with all members

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