Configurable Custom Fields

In addition to the standard attributes like name, manufacturer, and manufacturer part number (MPN), PartsBox allows you to define custom fields for parts. These custom fields provide a structured way to store additional data that is specific to your company's needs.

Flexibility and Extensibility

Custom fields in PartsBox offer great flexibility in extending the standard set of part attributes. They allow you to capture and store data that is relevant to your particular use case, workflow, or industry. This enables you to tailor PartsBox to fit your specific requirements without being limited by a fixed set of predefined attributes.

Wide Range of Applications

Custom fields can be used to store various types of data. Some common examples include:

  • Distributor: Record the name of the distributor from which the part was purchased.
  • Distributor Part Number: Store the part number assigned by the distributor, which may differ from the manufacturer's part number.
  • Supplier Part URL: Keep track of the direct URL to the part on the supplier's website for quick reference.
  • Weight: Record the weight of the part, which can be useful for shipping and inventory management.
  • Container Tare Weight: If parts are stored in containers, you can track the weight of the empty container for accurate inventory tracking.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. Custom fields can be adapted to store any data that is relevant to your specific needs.

Searchable and Indexed

One of the key benefits of using custom fields in PartsBox is that they are indexed for searching. This means that you can easily find parts based on the data stored in custom fields, just like you would with standard attributes.

For example, if you have a custom field called "Supplier Part URL," you can quickly search for parts by entering the URL or a portion of it. This powerful search capability makes it easy to locate specific parts based on your custom data.

Streamlined Data Management

By utilizing custom fields, you can streamline your data management process. Instead of relying on unstructured notes or external spreadsheets to store additional part information, you can consolidate all the data within PartsBox. This centralized approach ensures that all the relevant information is readily available and easily accessible.

Custom fields also promote consistency in data entry. By defining specific fields for particular types of data, you can ensure that information is entered in a structured and standardized manner across your organization. This consistency enhances data integrity and makes it easier to analyze and report on your part inventory.


Configurable custom fields in PartsBox provide a powerful and flexible way to extend the standard set of part attributes. By leveraging custom fields, you can tailor PartsBox to your specific needs, capture additional data relevant to your workflow, and streamline your data management process. With the ability to search and index custom fields, you can easily locate parts based on your unique criteria, making inventory management more efficient and effective.

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