Internal/Company Part Numbers

In the world of electronic design and manufacturing, components are typically identified by their Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). However, many companies find it beneficial to establish their own internal naming conventions for the parts used in their designs. This practice allows for a more streamlined and company-specific approach to component management.

Linked Parts and Local Parts

PartsBox, a comprehensive electronic parts inventory management system, supports two primary types of parts: linked parts and local parts.

Linked Parts

Linked parts are components that are associated with a specific online identity, which is usually the MPN. By default, PartsBox uses the MPN as the part name for linked parts. However, in all commercial plans, users have the flexibility to rename linked parts or assign them a local, internal, or company-specific part number during the creation process. This feature enables PartsBox to keep track of both the MPN and the internal part number, displaying both in tables and indexing them in the search engine.

Local Parts

Local parts, on the other hand, are components that are not linked to an online identity. These parts are referred to solely by their local name within the PartsBox system. Local parts can include generic or no-name components, custom parts, mechanical parts, or any other items that do not have an associated MPN.

Part Naming in Free Plans

It is important to note that in the free plans offered by PartsBox, the internal part number feature is not available. In these plans, the local names of all linked parts are required to match their respective MPNs. This limitation ensures that users in the free tier maintain a consistent naming convention based on the manufacturer-provided part numbers.

Benefits of Internal Part Numbers

Assigning internal or company-specific part numbers offers several advantages:

  1. Standardization: Internal part numbers allow companies to establish a standardized naming convention that aligns with their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Simplification: By using familiar and intuitive internal part numbers, companies can simplify the process of identifying and managing components within their organization.
  3. Legacy Compatibility: Adopting internal part numbers enables companies to maintain compatibility with their existing systems and documentation, ensuring a smooth transition when implementing PartsBox.

By supporting both linked parts with customizable names and local parts, PartsBox provides a flexible and adaptable solution for companies looking to efficiently manage their electronic component inventory while adhering to their preferred naming conventions.

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