Build Configuration History

When you manage production, you typically want to keep track of build history. This includes information about how many units of a project/BOM were built, the build date/time, and possibly some comments. While this is enough for simple production, it doesn't cover the needs of more complex builds.

In practical scenarios, each build has its configuration. This includes additional information such as:

  • which components were excluded ('do not populate') from the build
  • the chosen source storage location for parts stored in multiple locations
  • for companies using lot tracking, which exact lot (with serial number) was used for this production run

In PartsBox, this information is entered using the project build screen, and gets quite complicated for multi-stage builds.

All of this information is now stored alongside the build history, so that you can go back anytime and check how a particular build was configured.

This lets you control your production even better, and have a historical record of every production run configuration. It's a required feature of any MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system.

The following screenshot shows available information about a build for a multi-stage build, where only some passives have been placed so far:

Build Configuration History is a feature available in all the paid plans, but not in the free Hobbyist/Maker plan.

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