SN74HC595N: 8-Bit Shift Register, 2V-6V, 15 LSTTL loads, 13ns tpd
Texas Instruments

The SN74HC595N from Texas Instruments is an 8-bit shift register with 3-state output registers. It operates within a voltage range of 2V to 6V and is designed to drive up to 15 LSTTL loads. This IC features a low power consumption of up to 80-μA (maximum) and a typical propagation delay (tpd) of 13ns. It also boasts high-current 3-state outputs, a low input current of up to 1μA (maximum), and the ability to directly clear the shift register. The SN74HC595N integrates separate clocks for both the shift and storage register, facilitating efficient data management. When the output-enable (OE) input is high, the outputs are in a high-impedance state, allowing for versatile application in various electronic designs.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Operating voltage range: 2V to 6V
  • Maximum output current: ±6mA at 5V
  • Maximum power consumption: 80μA
  • Typical propagation delay (tpd): 13ns
  • Output type: 3-state outputs
  • Maximum input current: 1μA
  • Direct clear input for shift register
  • Separate clocks for shift and storage registers

SN74HC595N Datasheet

SN74HC595N datasheet (PDF)

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  • Network switches
  • Power infrastructure
  • LED displays
  • Servers


Integrated Circuits (ICs)

General information

Shift registers like the SN74HC595N are fundamental components in digital electronics, primarily used for data storage, transfer, and manipulation. They operate by shifting their internal registers' contents on each clock cycle, allowing for serial-to-parallel or parallel-to-serial conversion of data. This makes them invaluable in applications requiring data serialization, such as controlling multiple outputs with a limited number of microcontroller pins, expanding the I/O capabilities of microcontrollers, or in various communication protocols.

When selecting a shift register, important considerations include the operating voltage range, output current capability, power consumption, and propagation delay. The SN74HC595N, with its wide operating voltage range and high-current 3-state outputs, is suitable for driving multiple loads and is compatible with LSTTL logic levels. Its low power consumption and fast propagation delay make it an efficient choice for high-speed digital circuits.

The direct clear input feature allows immediate resetting of the register contents, which is crucial for applications requiring precise timing and control. Moreover, the separate clocks for the shift and storage registers offer flexibility in managing the data flow, enabling efficient data handling in complex digital systems.

In summary, the SN74HC595N is a versatile component that can be used in a wide range of applications, from simple LED displays to more complex network switches and power infrastructure projects. Its technical specifications and features should be carefully considered to ensure it meets the requirements of the intended application.

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