L7805CV: Positive Voltage Regulator IC, 5V, 1.5A, TO-220

The L7805CV is a positive voltage regulator IC from STMicroelectronics, designed to provide a steady 5V output from a higher voltage input. It is capable of delivering up to 1.5A of output current, making it suitable for a variety of applications requiring stable voltage supply. The device is housed in a TO-220 package, providing a balance between thermal performance and physical size.

Key features of the L7805CV include thermal overload protection, short circuit protection, and output transition Safe Operating Area (SOA) protection, ensuring reliable operation under varying conditions. The regulator has a 2% output voltage tolerance in its A version and is guaranteed to operate within the extended temperature range. Despite being primarily designed as a fixed voltage regulator, it can be adapted for adjustable voltage and current outputs with external components.

This component's robustness and versatility make it a popular choice for providing local on-card regulation, eliminating the distribution problems associated with single point regulation. Its internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe area protection features make the L7805CV essentially indestructible, provided that adequate heat sinking is applied.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: Up to 1.5A
  • Package: TO-220
  • Output Voltage Tolerance: ±2% (A version)
  • Operating Junction Temperature Range: 0 to 125°C (L7805C), -40 to 125°C (L7805AB)
  • Thermal Resistance Junction-Case (RthJC): 5 °C/W for TO-220
  • Thermal Resistance Junction-Ambient (RthJA): 50 °C/W for TO-220
  • Dropout Voltage: 2V at 1A, 25°C
  • Quiescent Current: 6mA at 25°C
  • Supply Voltage Rejection: 68dB at 500mA, 120Hz

L7805CV Datasheet

L7805CV datasheet (PDF)

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  • Power supplies for electronic circuits
  • Local on-card regulation
  • Adjustable voltage and current sources with external components


Voltage Regulator

General information

Voltage regulators are essential components in electronic circuits, ensuring that devices receive a constant voltage supply despite fluctuations in input voltage. They are crucial in preventing damage to electronic components and ensuring consistent performance. The L7805CV, a positive voltage regulator, is designed to convert a higher input voltage into a stable 5V output, suitable for a wide range of applications.

When selecting a voltage regulator, engineers should consider output voltage and current requirements, package type, thermal performance, and protection features. The L7805CV's ability to deliver up to 1.5A of output current and its thermal and short circuit protection make it a reliable choice for applications requiring a stable 5V supply. Its TO-220 package offers a good balance between size and thermal performance, suitable for various applications.

The L7805CV also allows for flexibility in design, capable of being used in fixed or adjustable voltage and current configurations with the addition of external components. This versatility, combined with its robust protection features, makes the L7805CV a popular choice among engineers for local on-card regulation and other applications requiring a dependable voltage supply.

In summary, when choosing a voltage regulator like the L7805CV, it's important to consider the specific needs of your application, including the required output voltage and current, thermal management needs, and any necessary protection features. The L7805CV's specifications and features make it a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of power supply applications.

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