2N7000: N-Channel MOSFET, 60V, 200mA, TO-92, SOT-23

The 2N7000 is a N-Channel MOSFET developed by onsemi using high cell density, DMOS technology. This component is designed to offer low on-state resistance while ensuring reliable and fast switching performance. It is particularly suited for applications requiring low voltage and low current, including small servo motor control, power MOSFET gate drivers, and other switching applications.

The device features a high-density cell design which contributes to its low RDS(on), making it an efficient choice for power management tasks. Its capability to function as a voltage-controlled small signal switch adds to its versatility in various circuit designs. The 2N7000 series is known for its ruggedness and reliability, alongside a high saturation current capability, making it a preferred choice for designers looking for performance and durability.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Drain-to-Source Voltage (VDSS): 60V
  • Gate-Source Voltage (VGSS): ±20V (Continuous), ±40V (Non Repetitive)
  • Maximum Drain Current (ID): 200mA (Continuous)
  • Power Dissipation (PD): 400mW
  • Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (RθJA): 312.5°C/W
  • Gate Threshold Voltage (VGS(th)): 0.8V to 3V
  • Static Drain-Source On-Resistance (RDS(on)): 1.2Ω to 5Ω
  • Input Capacitance (Ciss): 20pF to 50pF

2N7000 Datasheet

2N7000 datasheet (PDF)


  • Small servo motor control
  • Power MOSFET gate drivers
  • Various low-voltage, low-current switching applications



General information

N-Channel MOSFETs are a type of field-effect transistor (FET) that are widely used in electronic circuits for switching and amplifying signals. They operate by using an electric field to control the flow of current between the source and drain terminals. N-Channel MOSFETs are characterized by their use of a negatively charged control signal at the gate terminal to enable current flow.

When selecting an N-Channel MOSFET, engineers should consider parameters such as drain-to-source voltage (VDSS), gate-source voltage (VGSS), maximum drain current (ID), power dissipation (PD), and thermal resistance. These parameters are critical in ensuring that the MOSFET can handle the required load and operate efficiently within the circuit's operating conditions.

The choice of packaging (such as TO-92 or SOT-23 for the 2N7000 series) also plays a significant role in the application, affecting factors like thermal management and physical space constraints. Additionally, the static drain-source on-resistance (RDS(on)) is an important consideration for power efficiency, as lower values result in less power loss during operation.

N-Channel MOSFETs are utilized in a broad range of applications, from power management and regulation to signal processing. Their ability to switch rapidly and handle significant power levels, while maintaining efficiency, makes them indispensable in modern electronic design.

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