Data Migration

If you are currently using a different electronic parts management solution, are looking for an alternative, and are considering moving to a PartsBox paid plan, we will help with migrating your data.

Trilogy Parts&Vendors™

Even though Trilogy ended the support for Parts & Vendors™ (P&V) several years ago, the software is still used in many places.

Please prepare a zip file containing the Parts&Vendors Microsoft Access database (a file with an extension of .mdb) and contact


Please generate a dump of your MySQL database in XML format using mysqldump --xml partkeepr --result-file pk.xml and send the resulting pk.xml file to

Please note that the dump has to be generated with the mysqldump tool. Other tools, like phpMyAdmin, generate their own formats, which are much more difficult to process.

Anything else

PartsBox offers a Database Import Service, which means that we will import your existing part database data into PartsBox. Any machine-readable format is fine: send us Excel spreadsheets, CSV data, SQL or XML dumps, anything goes. We will deal with it, process it and import as much as possible into PartsBox. Just E-mail us with your data after signing up. There is a non-refundable one-time charge of $199 for this service (but for a limited time the service is offered for FREE!).

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